Saturday, June 24, 2006

Emergency Mulch Services Available Now

To help our clients protect their landscape investment during this drought, we are offering Emergency Mulch Services (EMS) the week of July 3-7th. We will offer EMS again in the fall to be completed mid-November, and again mid-February during our regular winter maintenance. If the drought persists we will continue to offer EMS 3-4 times per year; when it ends, we will resume our regular 1-2 times per year schedule. Please contact me ASAP if you would like EMS this July and I will begin putting together a schedule. I can't confirm an exact date or time until I have compiled all the RSVPs and addresses.

For 1-5 cubic yards:
  • $34 per cubic yard
  • $50 delivery
  • $150 labor
  • Example: 4 cu yds x $34 = $136 + 50 + 150 = $336 + tax
  • For 'delivery only' of 1-5 cubic yards, $34/cu yd plus $75 delivery fee. We will shovel into a pile on your driveway.

For 6-12 cubic yards:

  • $34 per cubic yard
  • $75 delivery
  • $250 labor

For 13+ cubic yards:

  • $34 per cubic yard
  • $75 delivery (per truckload)
  • $350-600 labor (approximately 1/2 day to full day)

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