Monday, October 30, 2006

Rate It Green

Beginning November 1st you will be able to shop green businesses with confidence. will allow green businesses to showcase their products and services, and customers may assign ratings to them. Great idea. Registration is free to businesses and customers alike. A beta version of the site is live now, so go ahead and sign up!

We registered Nativedave today and will sign up as customers later. We are green consumers, too!


Allison Friedman said...

Better late than never? :)

Hi there, Nativedave and Nativerave! Thanks for noticing Rate It Green! We apologize for being late...but we are LIVE! Check out the site at

Our goal is to help expand the green building market through shared resources and information. We welcome all feedback, and we hope you enjoy the site.


The Rate It Green Team

Allison Friedman said...
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