Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sage Says, Volume One: Lyre Leaf Sage

Lyre Leaf Sage
Salvia lyrata

Looking for something with colorful foliage, to bloom in shady areas? Lyre Leaf Sage has reddish to maroon leaves and pale blue blooms in early- to mid-spring. This low-growing perennial grows well in sun or shade, and often will reseed. Bargain! Multiple plants for the price of one! Lyre Leaf Sage is native to Texas, east to the Carolinas, north to New York. In our area it prefers drier conditions. Learn more at http://plants.usda.gov/, and search for "scientific name", salvia lyrata.

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ASC said...

I forgot to tell you...Our Lyre Leaf Sage is doing so well, it's sprouting little "babies" all around our yard...Great stuff!