Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recap: NPSOT Garland meeting

Our program at Rohde's on Sunday went beyond the allotted time (ha) but everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. David brought Sage in at the end. We have spoken to this group several times and we wanted to introduce Sage to 'the family.' Neat, isn't it, when you love what you do and get to know so many wonderful people? We are always so grateful to be surrounded by incredibly intelligent, supportive or at least open-minded folks who truly want to join our cause to conserve, preserve, restore and celebrate Texas' natural beauty. Thanks to Derrell, May, Susan and the rest of the NPSOT-Garland family. Looking forward to many more years of continued friendship! :-)

It's still dark out as I write this. David is driving, Sage and Folsom the Dog are quietly sleeping. Radio Margaritaville plays softly in the background as we chug along I-35, south toward Austin and beyond to Corpus Christi. (I want to personally thank the inventor of mobile broadband technology!) It's back to the beach to finish up some designs and sketches, then back to North Central Texas in a few weeks. I'll make a separate announcement for the City of Allen event. Hope to see you there.


Matthew said...

Excellent presentation. Learning many of the native plants that work well in a landscape and seeing nice photos was really neat. I liked the prairie installations the best.

Anonymous said...

HI Dave & Christy
Hope all is well with you and the new baby. Are you living in Corpus now? Do you post pictures of your landscaping on line? I sent you some pictures a while ago, but I can resend them. Thanks

Cathy & Greg