Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Spring 2010; I can almost see you now!

Already 2010 is looking better than 2009. I don't know if the 'economic downturn' is really over -- who REALLY knows, right? Or if folks are just tired of worrying about the economy. But it seems that since the first Monday of the year we have had steady design projects and interest in our educational workshops. We have been working very hard and verrrry long hours on our new website; I think you will like it. More photos, videos, samples, and products and services for our expanding markets.

We will continue to offer custom design and consultation services, both onsite and online. Soon we will also offer pre-planned designs with easy-to-follow instructions for adapting these plans to your project. One can not be all things to all people, but at least in the realm of sustainable landscape design, can be more things to many, many more people.

Until recently we were only available for onsite meetings in Dallas-Ft. Worth-Denton. Soon we will be setting up meetings in Corpus Christi and Austin-San Marcos-San Antonio. Houston is on the horizon, too. Our goal is to draw from our landscaping experiences in various locations around Texas to help you restore your slice of Texas...wherever that is. Again, we can now be more things to more people.

March and April are booking up fast with presentations and events. Details will be announced soon! Enjoy these final days of winter...the hustle and bustle of blooming spring is near!

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