Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sand Bur Whine

Coastal Sand Bur (Cenchrus spinifex)
Here is a plant so stunning it will bring you to your knees! Coastal Sand Bur (Cenchrus spinifex) might not have regal beauty or a lovely scent but IT WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION. The little spikelets are enough to make a grown man whine. Stepping on them when they are laying on hot concrete really will make one take notice. I was contemplating an article for today that could focus on a plants' qualities other than bloom, shape or landscape use etc. when I came across these guys. The interesting facet of this plant came when I discovered this unusual use for it ---- Sand Bur Wine.  Check out this winemaker's blog and recipe.  Newer posts are at the top, so scroll down a ways to December 12, 2009.

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