Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's Agenda: Wednesday, October 13th

Yesterday's program to the Port Aransas Garden Club attracted around 60 attendees.  David and our message were well received, and we hope to be invited back.  If you are a member of that organization and would like to set up a meeting for a notes only consultation, we will extend our October special to you, as well!  Please contact us for details and dates we are available to meet.

Today David will finish Leppert and Bogush; both should be turned in tomorrow sometime.  He will present Leppert by phone/email next week; I will contact Bogush tomorrow to schedule a phone/email meeting.  Also today I will post plant pics to this blog and other nature and adventure-related pics to (our adventure blog).  A few will be posted to my personal blog at

October meeting dates for Austin and DFW will be posted soon.

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