Monday, October 03, 2011


For the past year we have juggled three separate blogs while scaling back our home and business so we could together.  If you have been following our story, we hope you will continue to travel with us as we make improvements to our mobile odyssey.  Beginning now, we will post about happenings, our adventures, as well as sustainable living concepts here at nativerave. Using labels (aka keywords or tags) will allow readers to quickly locate posts within specific topics.  At least I hope so...Please bear with us as we debug the new website and streamline the blogs.  If you have not, we will occasionally mention the other two blogs so that you may catch up, if you are interested. covers the months of planning leading up to September 15, 2010, when we officially began this journey.  Only a few posts were made after that date, and they mostly address some of my personal experiences. begins just before we departed and includes some of the planning, building, packing and all of the adventures beginning 9/15/2010 through this morning.  Since one of the guiding principles of this odyssey is simplicity, it seems logical that we would simplify the written accounts of our experiences.  This is no longer an experiment; it is the way we together.

Stay tuned for a flurry of activity to come: links to news and other announcements, short pieces about places we visit or projects we work on, and more developed articles about topics relevant to sustainable landscaping and living.  Thank you for the past year of adventures; please keep reading!  Green blessings, y'all.

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