Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Keeping One's Cool in the Heat

The horticulture industry operates on a feast-or-famine schedule. During certain months life speeds past at lightning speed, and we wake up one day to the realization that three months have morphed into one long day. Other times, our industry is in its down-time. In this part of the country our down-time -- our 'famine' -- doesn't last very long, our 'feast' seems to last an eternity. In times of feasting, it's not uncommon for even the nicest person in our industry to become a bit cranky. Come on, spring and fall especially, we don't sleep much, we definitely don't eat regularly, and sleep? What's that? So this spring I have been on a mission to discover a way to survive the unending days and the heat, to inspire others to raise the bar and imbue our industry with respect and integrity.

As hard as I've tried, I haven't mastered the art of maintaining a personal life while operating a small business. I don't make time, I don't get the privilege of spending time with loved ones, or exercising, or reading something just for pleasure. Certain times of the year all of our energy is focused on project after project. We are thrilled to get to do what we love, but even the most enthusiastic person needs to wind down now and then...

So as we strive to learn to 'balance' our personal with our professional life, I found that specific music helps tremendously. Don't laugh (Dusty, I'm talking to you) but Jimmy Buffett music is the key to reducing stress in one's life. Whether online at or on Sirius Ch. 31, one can never feel sad or stressed or angry when listening to Buffett and other island-style music. In fact, I'm listening online as I write this...Regardless of your musical preferences, Buffett's ability to tap into your inner dreamer will bring a smile to your face.

The other discovery I've made is...pets bring us back to Earth. Since Folsom has become part of our family I've found I don't worry about things as much. I seem to be much less, I don't know, anal retentive? I'm more interested in getting home to see my dog than going out to dinner. Problem? Not in my opinion...

Lastly, allow yourself at least one day (more if you can stomach it) per week to deviate from any 'routine' you might follow (e.g. diet, etc.) Allow yourself to splurge once in a while on comfort foods. The past week, for some oddball reason, I've been addicted to french fries. And next week, I'll get the chance to dine on my all-time favorite Sweet Potato Fries dipped in Blue Cheese dressing. Sinful. But very very necessary to keeping one's cool in the heat.

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Dusty said...


I'm flattered that you thought me, and I must admit that I was holding back a giggle (even before I saw my name). Music certainly helps...just ask the many of us computer desk workers with our headphones on all day wishing we were out digging holes in the earth and planting gardens.

If you're ever feeling ragged, please know that you and David are paragons of Texana goodness, and your fans/clients/friends will always be around to support you.