Friday, January 26, 2007

2007, the Year of Living Green

Yesterday we attended City of Plano's kick-off event for their Live Green in Plano campaign. Check their website at for information about the upcoming expo on May 5th, as well as links to resources about sustainability and leading a greener life. Take their pledge to live more sustainably and you will be entered to win two 'carbon-neutral' airline tickets!

I pledged to make three greener choices in 2007: change all light bulbs in our home/office to CFLs; reduce my shower by one minute per day; and I can't remember the third one. LOL. A long time ago David and I learned to reduce our wastefulness; we find second and third uses for everything, especially used household items and clothing; the rest we recycle; we purchase sustainable products (e.g. bamboo or organic cotton clothing, organic produce, etc.) We clean with baking soda and distilled vinegar, Orange TKO and Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid. Our home/office is powered by Green Mountain Energy; for Christmas David's mother bought for us renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy! (She also purchased a tree to be planted in our name, gave us an REI membership, a Sierra Club membership and a bunch of camping gear.) We truly believe that we all can be a little greener in every facet of our lives.

Ready to shop with your conscience? Locally we have Green Living on Abrams in Dallas. Visit their website at or give a call: 214-821-8444. Kate and Michael and their staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to meet.

Online, visit for other green-minded businesses around the country. Every business is carefully screened for their commitment to providing products and/or services that are "approved for people and planet." (Green Living and we are members.) Green clothing, green investments, etc. This collection of socially responsible businesses has become the strongest, most supportive business network we've joined. You can join as a consumer and receive a copy of National Green Pages, a comprehensive "phone book" of approved businesses!

Now that 10 CEOs of the top corporations have committed to 'greening up', Living Green will become more mainstream. More products and services will be more readily available. Watch carefully: if we're lucky, we just might witness an enormous -- epic, even -- cultural shift in America.

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