Thursday, January 25, 2007

Be The Change -- Your Opportunity to Do Something GREAT

I know we have a growing readership of community-minded folks. So I'm using this venue to recruit volunteers for a worthwhile project we've helped design. Last fall we created a design for Edna Rowe Elementary School in Dallas that celebrates native plants and wildlife of the Blackland Prairie. The project features outdoor learning areas that will allow students and their families to learn about and instill pride in our local community. From the principal to the teachers to the parents and students, and even community volunteers, this project has been met with abundant enthusiasm. Let's keep it going...

Phase One of the installation will begin Saturday, February 3rd, 8a-noon at Edna Rowe Elementary School in Dallas. It's located at 4918 Hovenkamp Drive, 75227, near I-30 and Jim Miller Road. We will begin building the labyrinth during this first phase and could use a lot of extra hands. The second half of Phase One will be implemented the following Saturday, February 10th, 8a-noon. The labyrinth should be finished on this day.

Come see positive changes taking place in real time! And maybe learn a little about native plants and community-focused projects. If you think you might be available to help move pieces of stone, shovel decomposed granite, or just generally play outdoors, please let me know at your earliest convenience. Together, we truly can make a difference.

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