Friday, May 04, 2007


Now that I have your attention...;-)

Tomorrow is the first-annual Live Green in Plano Expo, 9am to 5pm, at the Plano Centre on Spring Creek Pkwy and Jupiter Road, just east of 75/Central Expwy. The list of vendors is impressive, as is the roster of speakers. Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor will deliver the keynote address, and there will be multiple how-to demonstrations going on in the tents outdoors. Visit the event website for detailed info:

FYI, our presentation titled "Landscape Makeover: Easy Steps Toward Sustainability" begins at 11:15am in the Redbud Tent.

Throughout the event we will have a vendor booth bursting with plants native HERE, to the Blackland Prairie, as well as a few other green-living items for sale. Here is a teaser:

Free at the booth:
organic cat nip from
other goodies

For sale at the booth:
100% organic cotton tshirts ($20ea)--have 2 L, 1 XL
Bag-E-Wash ($10ea)
Prairie Flame Leaf Sumac (not to be confused with Poison Sumac)
Spineless Cactus (yes, it really has no prickly things)
hard-to-find plants (will post the complete list just before the event...trying to build suspense here! ;-)

Each plant will be labeled with common and botanical names, as well as care and maintenance instructions and fun facts. Some of the plants require full sun or shade, and others adapt well to a variety of lighting and soil conditions. Each plant will be clearly labeled accordingly. We will also have our portfolio on-hand.

Hope to see you all there!

Also tomorrow is the native plant sale hosted by Native Plant Society of Texas, Garland Chapter. I love that group! Spunky, fun and committed to community outreach. Please support their efforts by visiting the sale! After you attend the Expo, of course. ;-)

From their poster:
"The Native Plant Society of Texas Garland Chapter
"Last Chance Plant Sale"
Saturday, May 5th.
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
312 Carissa Dr. Mesquite, 75150
(Near the Intersection Belt Line and Northwest Dr.)
Call either 972-226-6825 for more information.
4 inch $2 & 1 gallon $4

The sale includes both Heirloom and Native plants. Some of the plants include: Blue and Pink Petunias, Winecups, Cutleaf Daisies, Mexican Buckeyes, Casterbean, Red Salvia, Turks Cap, Inland Sea Oats, Cashmere Bouquet, Monarch Vine, Bog Sage, Violets, Tropicanna Cannas, Salvia Garantica, Yarrow, Cowpen Daisies, Datura and Lyre Leaf sage. These are just a few of the many plants in the sale. For a more complete listing and a few photos of the sale plants see our web page: Please come out and buy some native and adapted plants for your yard.

The money is used to support bluebird houses, maintaining the demonstration gardens, local school gardens, honorariums for the volunteer native plant speakers and other native plant community projects. Last year, we bought a beautiful sign for the Texas Discovery Gardens – Native Plant Garden. We also donated to our State office library which is open to the public.
If you have any plants to donate, please call the number above or bring them by the plant sale between 9-10am. Please invite any friends or neighbors. We welcome everyone.

See you on Saturday May 5th!"

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