Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some of our work published

Today the inaugural issue of www.aswearemagazine.com launched! My bi-monthly column appears under the tab "Air, Earth, Fire, Water"--perfect place for this ecogeek. The first topic relates to water conservation; next one will be titled "Death By Lawn." I will describe our fascination with the most wasteful, laborious element in our landscape (The Lawn) and offer suggestions for breaking this habit. I hope you will tune in periodically. Articles and other interesting stuff will be uploaded several times per week, eventually updated daily.

Home Your Guide to Exclusive Living is moving to publishing every other month beginning in June. If you would like to subscribe, please visit their website at www.homemagazinedfw.com and click on 'subscribe.' My column deals with landscape and environmental issues related to Dallas-Ft. Worth-Denton.

A few other projects are in the works. I'll make announcements as details are available. Thank you for your continued support. Together we CAN get out the message to conserve, preserve, restore and celebrate.

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