Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I've not posted a follow-up to the blurb about Sierra Club's Green Home Tour. A few other things should be mentioned, as well. Here goes, take a deep breath:

Green Home Tour was held Saturday, May 26th. Started out slow, a little chilly. Around lunchtime numbers of attendees increased with the temperatures. My heart was warmed by the growing population of local residents interested in conserving, preserving and restoring natural resources. Encouraging.

Last Friday an article appeared in the Home/Garden section of Dallas Morning News promoting City of Dallas' WaterWise Tour. One of our Plano projects won an award and was featured on the tour. Pics and our names were included in the DMN article. The tour was held the following day, Saturday, June 2nd. More than 200 people toured our project that day. We were thrilled to meet so many enthusiastic, supportive people. It felt like a huge birthday party brimming with eager well-wishers. Toward the end of the day, when most of us were hot, thirsty and a bit worn down, a tour bus stopped in front of the house and 45+ garden tourists spilled out onto the lawn like seeds dispersed in the wind. Good seeds, not Nut Sedge seeds. ;-)

Anyway, our intrepid newfound friends were led by local native plant hero, Bonnie Reese. She complimented our work, then joined her group as they followed David into the backyard. David had only 20 minutes to identify and describe some of the elements of the project. And he masterfully gave a succinct overview of his approach to that design. Our audience emptied out of the gate and back onto the bus. As quickly as they had arrived, the tour bus was gone.

The homeowners generously shared bottled water and information with many tour-goers. They were certainly troupers--we are forever grateful for all the work they poured into this tour. We do these events all the time, and we were wiped out. I'll bet our clients and the volunteers slept quite well Saturday night.

Parts of the new website are up, sort of in test mode. A lot of other things are going on behind the scenes, but I hope to upload the complete new NativeDave.com by Friday or Saturday. Please check back often!

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