Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Status of Website Updates

We uploaded the first round of updates, and the others have been put on hold temporarily. A lot has happened since the Dallas WaterWise Tour on June 2nd. I'll share what I can...

Our project that was on the WaterWise Tour might be getting more statewide exposure. Stay tuned about this--it will be a great honor for us if it all comes together. This project and another of ours will be featured on a private tour this Saturday. Walk-and-talks (especially the 'talk' part) are our specialty!

Since June 2nd we have also agreed to a number of speaking engagements, some are returning gigs, some are brand new venues. See a couple of posts below for more information; as details are available I will update that post. We will not book additional dates after January...read below to learn why...Our alma mater -- formerly Southwest Texas State University, currently Texas State University at San Marcos -- has invited us to speak about our business to current students. Few alumni have the opportunity to return to their alma mater and share their post-graduation experiences with soon-to-be graduates. Truly, this will be a special moment for us.

If you have not already, I hope you will read my bi-monthly piece at http://aswearemagazine.com. My column is titled Earth Mother. Recent articles have been about organic clothing, safe cosmetics, eating from your garden, and all are directly related to sustainability. Upcoming topics are landfills and community gardens.

Perhaps this a good spot to make another announcement. I've been hesitant to post it here, because it's more personal than professional. But, I suppose it's not any more personal than photos of us hiking with Folsom, eh? Here goes...Sometime in January we expect the arrival of our first 'NativeBabe.' We found out around the time of the Dallas WaterWise Tour, and suddenly all the website updates, new pics -- everything -- came to a screeching halt. All is well for both Earth Mother and NativeBabe. This is all new to us, so these first weeks we have been adjusting, shifting duties and cross-training and preparing well-in-advance for the little one. It has been a joyous adjustment. We look forward to the start of the new year for entirely different reasons now.

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