Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dangerous Toys


Too many of China's products, from toys to toothpaste, have been recalled within the past year. Click the link above to read about the NINE MILLION toys sold under the Mattel name that contain lead paint. Yes, LEAD PAINT. Other Chinese-manufactured toys were recalled earlier this month, leading one disgraced toy executive to commit suicide.

The part that scares me is, most Americans have come to trust Mattel and Fisher Price brands and might erroneously deem the toys 'safe'. To truly be safe, check all boxes for "MADE IN CHINA" before you make your purchasing decision. Besides, there are plenty of affordable non-toxic toys (and some that are organic!) that will soothe your conscience. For a few suggestions, check out my article "Earth Mama Goes Shopping": http://www.aswearemagazine.com/content/view/189/94/

Safe shopping!

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