Friday, January 04, 2008

Green Cleaning

I know I've probably mentioned them before, but now that I've begun a working relationship with Nature Maids, I can give a first-hand recommendation of their services. Today was our second appointment and I'm so pleased with the quality of their work, eco-consciousness of their products, and friendliness of their representatives. Our home smells clean and fresh, without all the bleachy, chemically and otherwise harsh vapors. I feel comfortable being here, working from my glider, while they clean around me. The non-toxic products they use will not harm David or me, Folsom the dog, or unborn NativeBabe. Working with Nature Maids is all plusses!

They have a variety of services available, and I find their prices quite reasonable. Please visit their website at Most likely you will speak with Beth or Olga -- both are down-to-earth and eager to help.

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