Monday, January 21, 2008


Tired of your landscape looking dormant -- or worse, dead -- in winter? Looking around, you might not believe it, but landscapes are not supposed to look lovely only in spring, suffer in summer, whither in fall and finally give up in winter. No. Native plants evolve throughout the seasons, throughout the years, and continuously bring beauty to your landscape. A plant's "interest" may vary depending on the time of year; sometimes it's a bloom, but other times its beauty bursts from striking foliage color, luminescent berries, or interesting architectural features. Some plants -- such as Inland Seaoats (grass) or Eve's Necklace (tree, large shrub) -- are valued for the subtle aesthetic of their seeds. A successful landscape is one that delights year-round.

As one client recently wrote, "yes, in the dead of winter we have beautiful coral berries, wildflower rosettes..."

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