Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good stewards

Have you seen the ongoing project at Prairie Creek Baptist Church in Plano? (Pics will be posted soon, I hope.) We completed several small sketches for The Susans (church volunteers, gardening goddesses.) They have implemented our suggestions admirably. Together with their volunteers, The Susans have transformed the grounds at Prairie Creek to consume less water, save money spent on maintenance, and reflect the natural beauty of the Blackland Prairie. Giant Coneflower and Henry Duelberg Sage ABOUND in the prairie restoration area (facing south along W 15th Street.) There are also several species of grasses, including Sideoats Grama, our state grass. On the north side of the building are Pale Leaf Yucca (endemic to North Central Texas) and Coralberry, and other plants native RIGHT HERE.

The folks at Prairie Creek Baptist have won my heart with their dedication to become better stewards of the planet. Impressive.

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ASC said...

We love driving by the project to see the latest updates! And we drive by often, since it's so close to our home! Fun stuff!