Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New month, new thoughts

Flip the calendar to July. Yes, we have a holiday this week. Happy Fourth of July, y'all. Already our schedule for onsite meetings is nearly full. (See post below.) Lots of interest for August, already. Amazing. Before 2006, these were two of our slowest months. Before 2006, we spent most of July wrapping up spring and preparing for fall, and vacationing in August. Since then, The Drought put our expertise (native plants) in the limelight, generating exponentially greater interest in our knowledge and experience. Now we're busy in July and August. Our vacations repeatedly get postponed. Spring seems to linger...

And this is good. More people wanting our help means a) they are becoming more enlightened about sustainable living (in this case, gardening), b) they have been referred by ecstatic clients, and c) they see the value in the services we offer. We are no longer a niche business. Everyone can benefit from smarter -- and more eco-friendly -- landscape choices.

Because sustainability is becoming more mainstream, more commonly understood, we can begin to raise the level of instruction of our presentations. We can get into more sophisticated, esoteric discussions. New topics, more in-depth analyses. More cross-disciplinary. We can teach a broader audience ways to apply sustainable practices to their everyday routines. Exciting.

Look for various 'green living' presentation topics in '09! Try to stay cool...

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