Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Be Hap E

A lot of good things have been happening lately. We met more than 100 avid nature-lovers at the Wildscaping Workshop on September 16th (refer back a few posts for more info.) Several new designs have come our way -- some residential, some commercial, some educational sites. A fabulous company we have known for a while is taking over our installations so that we may focus on design, consultation and speaking engagements. (More info about them coming soon.) All in all, this transitional period is going well.

More changes will be announced in the coming months, probably around the first of the year. Sometimes, even when changes are good, new situations can create stress. Recently my shoulder and back have been reminding me of this fact. So I've been getting more sleep, eating better and moving my body a bit more. I won't claim to have resumed my exercise regimen. Actually, I doubt I could run very far right now. But I'm trying, like most of us do. I walk Folsom farther and more frequently than I did during spring. One day I even squeezed in a few abdominal crunches.

This morning I was awake early-early, so I did the grocery shopping before the sun came up. The current edition of Runner's World includes "the perfect shopping list" and in this regard I need that type of hand-holding. Who knew almonds, salmon and lowfat yogurt contained so many beneficial vitamins and minerals AND taste delicious. Who knew I was still eating like runner, without running???

Feeling like I had completed a 5K, I drove home smiling, my healthy food purchases by my side. I felt good about the way my day had begun...and there it was. Like an omen, a message from my secret invisible guardian was written on the license plate of the mini-van driving along in front of me. A soccer mom's vanity plate greeted me: "BE HAP E." Thanks, I think I will.

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