Monday, September 11, 2006

Immediate Changes

Due to drought and watering restrictions, demand for our consultation, design and public speaking services has sprouted. More people are beginning to recognize the myriad benefits of landscaping with native plants, and we will be focusing our time educating homeowners, builders and developers, businesses, schools, civic groups and other landscape companies about native plants and sustainable landscaping. Our goal is to prepare you and your landscape contractor for a successful and rewarding landscaping experience. Therefore, we are suspending until further notice our installation and maintenance services. Following is a more complete explanation of our services effective immediately:
  • Consultation Only -- This is a one time, one-hour session. You will receive a list of recommended plants and materials, including common and botanical names, quantities and sizes, and product vendors. For smaller projects and time permitting, we will also create a "quick sketch", a hand-drawn design to illustrate our suggestions with regard to plant placement and bed layout. Fee is $150.
  • Consultation and Design -- Two-part service. During our first meeting (which usually lasts 20-30 minutes) we will assess your goals for the project area and take photographs. We must have a current, original (no copies, please) survey or plat plan of your property to start your design; we will return your survey during our second meeting. Meeting #2 usually lasts one hour. We will explain the elements of your design, present photos, etc. You will receive a 24x36" professional design (to scale), 11x17" laminated copy (not to scale) and a list of recommended plants and materials. Fees start at $500 and generally range $500-750, depending on the size and scope of your project. A deposit of 1/2 the design fee is due at the end of the first meeting, the balance at the end of the second.
  • Consultation, Design and Project Management -- In addition to the Consultation and Design above, we will visit your project site periodically throughout the installation process to assist you and your landscape contractor. Fee will be determined by the size and scope of your project.
  • Additional Information -- We are based in Plano and fees described above apply to projects in Collin County, southeastern Denton County and most of Dallas County, Texas. We will work with clients outside this service area, especially communities along the Gulf Coast interested in restoring native vegetation. Please contact us for pricing information.
  • Other changes will be announced soon!

Our fall office hours are:

M-F 8a-5p
We will meet one evening per week and one Saturday per month by appointment only.
No meetings on Sundays.

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