Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chickory and Minty Paws

This morning we started our day in the garden. Illuminated by early morning light, the plants were verdant and turgid -- guess that measly one-inch-of-rain actually did more good than we thought! We sipped our special Cafe du Monde coffee and picked at the potted mint plant that suffered and struggled all summer. Poor thing, rebounding is kind-of hard because Folsom has chosen it as his garden perch. On the other hand, his paws always smell minty fresh!

Cooler temperatures arrived so suddenly, I can't believe just a few weeks ago we were melting. I know, the seasons never seem to change gradually here, even in 'normal' years. Our seasons are either nine months of hot, dry and breezy, or three months of cold, damp and breezy. It is unusual for the seasons to arrive gracefully -- our weather here is brutal, sometimes. This morning, though, I felt as if I were enjoying a genuine early-fall or early-spring morning; it was marvelous. And it reminded me to take a bit of time each day to be grateful for simple pleasures. Pleasures like rich chickory and minty paws...and rain.

Speaking of rain...although recent rainfall helped, lake levels are still low. Watering restrictions in most communities will continue until further notice; check your city/town's website for the most accurate and current information. City of Plano ( plans to continue watering restrictions through winter, and through summer of 2007 if drought conditions persist.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the city of Plano and others will listen to you guys. I personally have a rain gauge and witnessed 1.25" of rain on Sunday of this week. So 3 days later when my watering day was up, Do you think I turned on my sprinkler system? HECK NO! It wasn't necessary. However, I was saddened to see the number of neighbors watering like we hadn't had rain in 2 months. Water running down the street is not a pretty site especially when it's so precious. THe lakes are still low and in need of conserving.

Why has the city's water department not mentioned once about NOT watering in a week when we get rain? 3 of the past 4 weeks we have gotten 1" of rain per week or more on the Sun/Mon before our Wednesday watering day yet people are watering wide open.

People realize the lawn concept is not "NATIVE" to Texas. It originated in England where they have drizzling constant rains. Why don't you give Dave and Christy a try out and replace that monocultured lawn with a beutiful, colorful display of native plants.


nativedave said...

Ben, Great comments about the origin of the lawn concept and NOT watering after it rains. City of Plano is doing a fantastic job encouraging residents to reduce, or eliminate, turf grass in lieu of sustainable landscapes. Considering the current drought and the recent creation of a "Sustainable Development" department (can't remember the exact title), I think you will notice more and more information about lawns and watering regimens and native plantings. The City -- as well as other communities around DFW -- get it and want their residents to, also.

Maybe rain gauges will be the popular gift this holiday season, :-).