Saturday, February 17, 2007

Must-See TV

PBS' special "Texas--The State of Springs", a Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept program narrated by Walter Cronkite. Addresses current water issues, rapidly-depleting natural springs, and steps we can each take to conserve our water consumption. Debuted February 15th; check with your local PBS station for re-broadcast times.

"This Old House Hour", also on PBS, will broadcast their first home makeover project in Texas in 28 years. The home is located in Austin and the renovation follows strictly GREEN guidelines. First broadcast will be Thursday, February 22nd; check with your local PBS station for broadcast times.

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nativedave said...

UPDATE: We watched the program and, I must confess, I cried my eyes out. Walter Cronkite does a lovely job narrating the program: his familiar voice conveys the urgency of water conservation in Texas yet encourages us all will be OK. The final moments of the program asserted the inherent value of native plants and their role in water conservation. Truly, we all can do our part...