Thursday, February 22, 2007

Outdoor Enthusiasts and College Students

Tuesday evening we spoke to Texins Outdoor Club at REI Dallas. We spoke about the interconnectedness of the Trinity River Basin, landscaping methods and outdoor activities. Dallas-Ft. Worth is located at the headwaters of the Trinity River, which serves as primary water source for up to 20-50% of all Texans. Fragile veins of its tributaries mark the beginning of the journey of water: Spring Creek in Plano and White Rock Creek in Plano/Dallas carry water, trash and pollutants from our lawns and landscapes into the Trinity and eventually end up in Galveston Bay. Not only is the healthy balance of these ecosystems affected directly by the way we landscape, it also impacts our enjoyment of kayaking, biking, camping and hiking. It is imperative every homeowner make changes in their lawn and landscape to manage their resources more responsibly.

Yesterday we had a booth at Richland College's Sustainable Yards fair. We spoke with several people about native plants and sustainable landscaping methods. Terrific turnout: I talked non-stop from 10:15am through 1:30pm when the fair ended. Some would say that is not unusual for me...;-)

We will end our week with a few meetings and possibly an appearance on a local radio show. Details will be available later today; I'll post them here. Please tune in or call in your questions!

Don't forget about Shades of Green Nursery's Open House, Saturday, March 3rd, 9am to 3 or 4pm. We will have a vendor booth and look forward to speaking with you.

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring, not Christmas...

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