Saturday, May 01, 2010

Custom Design: $400+ (online: $300+)

By far, our most popular service.  Although all of our services are customized to suit your personality, lifestyle, budget and goals, our custom designs are also works of art.  Computer-generated but artist-powered, every plant, every hardscape element is carefully chosen to work harmoniously together.  Every design tells its own story...and yours.

Before we begin the design process, we will ask that you complete our new client questionnaire.  It is brief, but your responses will help you focus your goals and expectations for this project, and will help guide us during the creative phase.  Then, we will meet with you for a brief site visit to take photos and collect your survey/plat plan.  At the conclusion of this meeting we will also collect a deposit equal to one-half our design fee; the balance will be due upon completion of your design.  When we are nearing completion of your design, we will contact you to set an appointment to review your design by phone.  Your design will arrive digitally.  After our phone meeting, we will make any necessary revisions, then print and mail hardcopies.

Our fee is determined by size and scope of your project, but on average front yard designs are $400, back yards are $500, and entire properties are $800.  These estimates apply to suburban residential properties on 1/3 acre or less.  Design fees for homes on acreage or small commercial sites typically start at $800.  For a more precise, free quote, please send via email photos of your property along with a brief description of your goals and expectations for the project.

Your design package will include: 24x36" professional planting plan (digital file only), two 11x17" laminated copies, list of plants and materials (including common and botanical names, sizes and quantities), care and maintenance instructions, and list of vendors and preferred contractors.

ONSITE DESIGN REVIEW: You may request that we present your design and review it with you in-person, instead of by phone.  This meeting will last no longer than one hour and is an additional $75.

ONLINE OPTION: This is becoming our second-most popular service!  Send via email your survey/plat plan (the document must be the exact size as the original, usually 8.5x14"), pics of the project site and a completed new client questionnaire.  We will reduce our fee to $300 (front yards), $400 (back yards), and $600 (entire properties.)

COLORIZED OPTION:  We seldom have requests for a colorized version of custom designs, but we do offer this option for an additional fee.  Fee is based on hourly rate of $75 with a minimum of one hour.

Payment for design services is due at the conclusion of the initial appointment, unless other arrangements were agreed upon between NativeDave, Inc. and client(s).  All online services must be prepaid via either check by mail, or PayPal.


Anonymous said...

But half the fun is having you guys come out and do the estimate. It's quite a show. David's mind gets racing and plant names start flying.

you 2 are great people to chat with.

People if you can have David and Christy live and in person it's worth any money you pay.

Ben in Plano. said...

Thanks, Ben! We do love what we do...