Saturday, May 01, 2010

Notes and Sketch Consultation: $225+ (online: $125+)

This site visit includes a quick sketch and a list of plants and materials, including common and botanical names, sizes and quantities.  It is designed for front yard- or back yard-only projects that need a planting plan turned around quickly.  All services are completed onsite.  Fees are determined by size and scope of project, but on average our fee for front yards is $225, and $300 for back yards.  Average meeting times are 1.5 hours for front yards, 2 hours for back yards.

ONLINE OPTION: Send your design or sketch digitally, along with pics of the project site and a completed new client questionnaire, and we will reduce our fee to $125 (front yards), $150 (back yards).

Payment for site visits is due at the conclusion of the appointment, unless other arrangements were agreed upon between NativeDave, Inc. and client(s).  All online services must be prepaid via either check by mail, or PayPal.

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