Friday, May 21, 2010

Golden Age Home Volunteer Workday

Somebody needs a haircut...!!!!

Think I'm talking about NativeDave himself?  Not to worry: Samson's locks are intact and not going anywhere anytime soon.  But the happy happy plants at Golden Age Home in Lockhart (the BBQ capital of Texas!) will be getting a trim here and there.  We have volunteered to spend a half-day working in the garden in Schroeder Park, located on the grounds at Golden Age Home.  If you are in the area and would like to lend a hand, or just want to see the garden, mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 8th, in the morning.  We plan to finish up by noon.

We designed and installed this one-acre garden in 2005.  During the first two years, we consulted with the grounds maintenance crew and donated our time for a couple of volunteer workdays.  Then we became first-time parents, and volunteer projects became a distant memory...but now our wise little wildflower is older.  She knows a lot about butterflies and has an innate interest in flowers that attract them.  She enjoys gardening, and together she and I will focus on "light duty" tasks at Golden Age Home, such as weeding.  We will leave the heavy lifting to Native Dave and the grounds crew.

Many, many pics to follow...

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