Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday Schedule 2006

We have closed for the holidays and will resume appointments Monday, January 15th, 2007. During our break we plan to catch up with family and friends -- we haven't seen them much this year! -- and prepare for 2007. A lot will be happening, I assure you.

Best wishes to you all (y'all) and your loved ones. May the magic of the holiday season touch your heart and soul.
David, Christy & Folsom

Final Raves of 2006

Discount Tire on Spring Creek Pkwy near I-75 in Plano -- friendly, fast service, and digestible prices.
Crescent City Beixnets located at Parker Road and Dallas North Tollway in Plano -- yummy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New in '07

This fall we began recommending contractors to implement our designs, and they have wowed us. It's as if they can read our minds -- and our clients' minds will be at ease knowing our preferred contractors follow our plans accordingly. Several clients have asked that we sort-of oversee the installations, and we will be offering this service beginning in 2007. Of course, we will continue to offer consultation and design services, and will be available for speaking engagements. The more opportunities we have to share our knowledge and expertise, the better. Our primary goal is to make positive changes in our community.

Also new in 2007 will be our online design and online consultation services. We can reach more people with our message about restoring natural Texas beauty! This winter we will update our website with all the new services and fees; please keep checking back.

Having trouble finding a native plant? Let us know; we might be able to help you track it down.

Water Shortages in CA, Too

Since summer many Texans have been under mandatory watering restrictions, which will likely persist at least through summer 2007. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that drought is only part of our water woes. The real issue is our rate of consumption: North Texans rank among the highest water wasters in the US. Our area will continue to develop, but if we do not permanently alter our water usage habits, we could run out of water before the new reservoirs become accessible in 2008. And these new resources might not even keep up with our current rate of consumption. If we do not start using our water more wisely, and our supplies continue to dwindle, it's reasonable to expect water prices to skyrocket. Water will be the next oil.

We are not alone, fellow Texans. Residents of San Diego have demanded greater access to a certain canal that irrigates farmlands on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Follow this link to read more about it:

Any comments about water issues confronting Texans, Californians, Mexicans, or anyone in North America?