Sunday, November 30, 2008

Soul Cultivation

Gardening is a popular hobby. It fulfills aesthetic needs, but also physical, mental and spiritual goals. I've often heard gardeners describe the experience as "therapeutic." And I can't help but agree. This morning I harvested basil seeds (both sweet green as well as purple) while David potted up some "rescued" plants he saved from a vacant lot slated for clearing. For a time, at least, we shifted our energy from grieving to planning our winter and even next spring's garden. Literally and metaphorically we are all part of the ongoing cycle of life and death. As one "specimen" reaches the end of its cycle, another seedling emerges. Fresh, new and optimistic. We have spent all morning pruning and watering and preparing for our garden's future. We've flexed our muscles, our minds and our souls.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, yesterday I traced our hands to make Turkey Hand Decorations. I loved making them when I was a little girl; I've waited a long time to be able to make them with my own child. As my pencil skirted the edges of Sage's little fingers, I felt my eyes well up with tears of happiness. Happiness, because I have the opportunity to share this simple, yet meaningful tradition with my wise little wildflower. Today we will start a new tradition: a Thanksgiving tree! (

2008 has been a year of extremes for us, and likely to some of you. Sage's birth in January ushered in an era of joy I could never have imagined. Everything seems better with her in our life. Even the economic crisis(es, depending on your perspective) seem(s) palatable, because at the end of the day, I look into the innocent eyes of a child, full of wonder and hope about her world. One smile from her can erase any stress the market inflicts. Many people fear losing their job, their home, their credit rating, and in a 'normal' year, I suppose I would, too. But I have not worried, just keep plugging away. And smiling...and my positive outlook has attracted two new projects to us. (At least that's what I keep telling myself. ;-) We also lost a parent -- such grief I could never have imagined. Sage has kept us smiling through our tears.

So 2009, we feel hopeful, will bring about many positive changes. David plans to focus more on online services -- consultation as well as design. I will spend most of my time writing and preparing for speaking engagements. And some other services are being planned, as well. Official announcements should be ready just after the new year.

This has been an exhausting year, but overall I'm thankful for 2008. I'm healthy, have a dynamite family, a fulfilling career, and hope. Lots and lots of hope. Happy Thanksgiving; here's to hope!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Custom Furniture -- Local Craftsman!

Looking for a custom addition to your furniture collection? Consider an heirloom piece by Mike. He's in Plano and can be commissioned to create unique items, from cribs (see pic of the one he built for Sage) to headboards to shelves to planters, and more. He can also rework your existing pieces. Perfect for holiday gifts, or other special occasions. Email or call to see his portfolio. 972.491.1575 or Superior craftsmanship. Ask about his creations made from repurposed materials!

Fall Summary

Our online services are steadily gaining popularity. Don't forget: only 6 weeks left on our 20% discount offer! The discount applies to all online services. Contact us for more information...think about gifting your loved ones this holiday season with an online consultation or design with NativeDave!

Dallas/Ft Worth/Denton's economy, fortunately, is the strongest market in the nation. Whereas many small businesses in other parts of the country (and world, for that matter) have been squeezed out of business, our little mom-and-pop is still doing fine. To be sure, this is the slowest fall season we can remember. With a new baby and the loss of one of our parents, however, the slower pace has been a blessing. We are grateful to have been able to spend time with our family this year during times of joy as well as sorrow.

As always, we appreciate your business, friendship and camaraderie. Together, we are conserving, preserving, restoring and celebrating Texas' natural beauty.