Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interesting. Just northeast of Copano Bay on the way toward Aransas Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, the soil is black and rich like that of our hometown. Familiar.
Foggy day on Copano Bay. Crossing on the fishing bridge, fog creates the illusion that our truck is driving vertically. Hiking today.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunset coaxes creatures from their daytime leaf-caves. Russet robins and crimson cardinals poke around the fallen leaves seeking food. Winter in the woods.
Copano Bay was smooth as a giant pane of glass today. Warm air and bluebell skies tricked me into thinking it was spring. Foreshadowing of nature's treats.
Busy year continues into 2012! We are not taking on new clients at this time but will gladly add yours to our waiting list.
At last, I went for a run today. 5 laps from the gate past our camp in the woods, along the cable fence and gardens, and to the "island" and back. I'm back.