Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reminder about North Haven Gardens' Winter Fair

Don't forget to attend this Saturday's Winter Fair at North Haven Gardens in Dallas. David will staff our booth from 10am to 4pm -- please drop by and say 'hello'! For directions and other information, go to

Friday, January 25, 2008

NativeBabe has arrived!

Our bundle of joy, Sage, was born Wednesday, January 23rd, at 9:50am. She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 19in long. We were convinced we were expecting a boy, although we didn't know for certain. Imagine our surprise when our doctor told us we had a baby girl!

All is well with baby and me, and David and I plan to set aside as much time as possible in the coming weeks (before spring!) to bond with our little girl. This is a magical time for us all...I can't wait to introduce Sage to Folsom the Dog.

We wish all our best to you -- our friends, family members, prospective clients and blog readers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Heritage Ranch Expo, February 23rd

We just added another event to our calendar. David will man the booth while I give a presentation. Specific info related to our participation will follow in a day or two, but the event will be:
Heritage Ranch Home & Garden Expo 2008
Saturday, February 23
9:00AM – 3:00PM
Heritage Ranch Club House
465 Scenic Ranch Circle
Fairview, Texas 75069


Tired of your landscape looking dormant -- or worse, dead -- in winter? Looking around, you might not believe it, but landscapes are not supposed to look lovely only in spring, suffer in summer, whither in fall and finally give up in winter. No. Native plants evolve throughout the seasons, throughout the years, and continuously bring beauty to your landscape. A plant's "interest" may vary depending on the time of year; sometimes it's a bloom, but other times its beauty bursts from striking foliage color, luminescent berries, or interesting architectural features. Some plants -- such as Inland Seaoats (grass) or Eve's Necklace (tree, large shrub) -- are valued for the subtle aesthetic of their seeds. A successful landscape is one that delights year-round.

As one client recently wrote, "yes, in the dead of winter we have beautiful coral berries, wildflower rosettes..."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eat Green, DFW!

Coming soon!

A home-delivery service specializing in locally grown, naturally grown and hard-to-find natural foods is coming to DFW. Their shopping cart will be ready this spring, but go ahead and start ordering directly from their producers. Find them at And if you take their survey, leave your email. They will send you a discount code when the shopping cart is up-and-running!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Join us for North Haven Gardens' Winter Fair

Just added! We will participate in Winter Fair at North Haven Gardens on Saturday, February 2nd, from 10am-4pm. For directions and other information, please visit

We Love McKinney Garden Club!

Tuesday, 1/8, we presented a program about butterfly gardening to the friendly ladies of McKinney Garden Club. They always turn out in droves for meetings and presentations, and we always walk away feeling we have just left a family reunion. If you are looking for a fun, upbeat group to join, we recommend their group. But reader be prepared: they have a waiting list!

This was our final program until April. Native Babe will be joining us here on the outside any day now...updates to follow.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Green Cleaning

I know I've probably mentioned them before, but now that I've begun a working relationship with Nature Maids, I can give a first-hand recommendation of their services. Today was our second appointment and I'm so pleased with the quality of their work, eco-consciousness of their products, and friendliness of their representatives. Our home smells clean and fresh, without all the bleachy, chemically and otherwise harsh vapors. I feel comfortable being here, working from my glider, while they clean around me. The non-toxic products they use will not harm David or me, Folsom the dog, or unborn NativeBabe. Working with Nature Maids is all plusses!

They have a variety of services available, and I find their prices quite reasonable. Please visit their website at Most likely you will speak with Beth or Olga -- both are down-to-earth and eager to help.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Office Hours 2008 (Amended)

Client meetings: Friday 9a-3:30p (other days and times as our schedule will allow)
Online and phone services: Monday - Friday 8a-5p
Events: Saturday (variable start and end times)

Welcome, 2008

2007 ended on such a high note, we can't wait for all the fabulous things awaiting us in 2008. Already our January schedule is filling up with new client meetings, design presentations, and even one speaking engagement on the 8th to McKinney Garden Club. Native Babe is expected to arrive sometime this month, but if he/she is anything like us, "it" will decide independently when is the right time to join the family. Could be tomorrow, could be Valentine's Day. ;-)

Last year our designs and community involvement garnered a flurry of awards and support. This year, we have plans in-progress that will help more folks do their part to conserve, preserve, restore and celebrate the bounteous beauty of Nature. Look for announcements coming soon.

Thanks for a wonderful year in 2007; here's to a great 2008!