Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating Earth Day and Easter

Tonight is night four in our redesigned and rebuilt tiny-home-on-wheels.  If you are interested in following our mobile odyssey (now in its 8th month), we hope you will hop over to our other blog:  Reducing our footprint (again) is a daily ritual and a common theme of Earth Day events; there are scheduled activities planned all over the world to commemorate Earth Day this Friday and through the weekend.  Celebrations honoring Christ's resurrection also begin this Friday -- Good Friday -- and continue through the weekend, culminating with Easter Sunday.  We wish you and your family a meaningful weekend whether you worship Mother Earth, Christ, both or another higher power.  Blessings, all.

Our family will be spending these holidays together; therefore, we will not be conducting official business this Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Monday the 25th we will be back at it, doing our part to restore Nature.  We would love the opportunity to help you resurrect your slice of Texas with a plan that conserves, preserves, restores and celebrates natural beauty.  If you are available midday-ish on the 25th, we have one appointment available.  Next availability is the week of May 2-6th.  We are grateful for blessings in abundance this spring, despite our unfortunate collision in Austin that destroyed our truck, camper, adventure trailer and many of our personal property.  Nobody was injured, and the tools of our trade (e.g. laptops, phones, plant reference books, etc.) were unscathed.  Life and work, and our mission to make positive changes in our community will carry on.  Thank you for the opportunities and support you have granted us...many more blessings to you! 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring Schedule

This is the most exciting spring we have had since 2008 when we began the year with a newborn and our busiest new year ever.  The economy seems to be strengthening, because we have had a full schedule every week since the first of February.  FEBRUARY!  Even when we and our "mobile adventure unit" were buried under five inches of snow, our email box was flooded with requests for our new client questionnaire and meetings.  Thank goodness the slower pace of 2009 and 2010 seems to be almost forgotten...

This year we have changed up our meeting schedule a bit.  Mondays we are working on revisions and mailing design packages.  Tuesdays through Thursdays we meet with new clients.  Fridays are dedicated to working on designs, and Saturdays are for events or meetings and working in-office on designs.  Design presentations are conducted by phone and email and can be scheduled just about anytime Mondays or Fridays when we are in-office.  Evenings we sometimes meet with new clients, sometimes present designs.  Sundays we gasp for air...and prepare for the next week!  Of course, we will always do our best to accommodate your schedule if you have only specific days and times you can meet.  Just let us know your preferences when you request a new client questionnaire.

As for events...this Saturday, April 9th, from noon to 1pm, catch us at the Denton Redbud Festival.  We have a special relationship with Keep Denton Beautiful.  Over the past four or five years we have collaborated with them on some incredible community projects, such as Project Post Oak and Denia Garden.  Currently we are in the proposal phase of another fascinating sustainable landscape project, and we hope to make an announcement about it soon.  So exciting!  The Redbud Festival will be a great event to learn more about living and landscaping sustainably.  Hope to see you there!

Next Saturday, April 16th, we will drop by the Heads-Up irrigation booth at the Live Green in Plano Expo.  They will have our card available at their table, but we want to drop in for a bit to chat up some folks we haven't seen in ages.  Some have never met Sage, our little wildflower.  Hope to spend a few moments with you there, too.

Friday the 29th we will be speaking at Coppell High School as part of their Earth Day expo.  Looking forward to meeting some of you leaders-of-tomorrow!

If April showers, then May's flowers will bloom abundant meetings and events.  (Crossing all our petals.)  So many wonderful things are happening for us (and you, we hope!) despite The Recent Unpleasantness in Austin.  Our truck is gone, our camper too.  Our trailer will live on, modified.  If you would like to see pics, we invite you to take a look at our business page on Facebook.  Lots of pics of plants and nature there, too.  Just search for (business page, not group page.)  Happy viewing, all.

And to all, wishes for a spectacular spring!