Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sage Hollow

After years of searching for Our Place, we finally found it in Aransas County. Five acres of nearly-pristine Live Oak/Redbay forest, wetlands, and coastal prairies exist on our property which we have named "Sage Hollow." Approximately one acre is being developed as a plant nursery for mostly natives with an expanding collection of edibles; a wetland demonstration garden-in-progress; our tiny house; and a clubhouse for our property's namesake. The remaining four acres are being treated as a nature preserve. Only a handful of pockets of exotic-invasives (e.g., Guinea grass and Peppertree) have been discovered, but all three plant communities represented on this property lack diversity. Long-term plans for Sage Hollow include restoring each plant community to the correct ratios of native species, boardwalks over ephemeral ponds, and observation areas for birders and nature photographers. In both our personal and professional life, we strive to interact with Nature in a sustainable manner.

I am resuming my Texas Treehugger installments on the WWN Rockport. Requests for images and information about our tiny home will be granted soon. Other pieces will describe solar power, rainwater harvesting, home food production, nature homeschooling, and more.

Our dreams of living in harmony with Nature and teaching others about our experiences are becoming a reality. Last month we celebrated fifteen years of It has been a fascinating journey that began in Plano, expanded to all of DFW-Denton, then Austin-San Marcos, and ultimately to Texas' Coastal Bend. (And that magical year spent at The Gourd Garden in SoWal, FL!) We are deeply grateful for your support and encouragement to honor our-authentic-"rebellious by Nature"-selves. Here's to many, many more years of conserving, preserving, restoring, and celebrating Texas.

Happy (Almost) Spring, Y'all.