Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Expressing Gratitude

This holiday season started early for me. Finally, after four years, I was able to visit my mom out-of-state. Fortunately we have remained in almost-constant contact via phone and email, so we didn't have a lot of catching up to do. However, technology can't compete with face-time, and I'm immensely grateful we had five days to talk and just enjoy. In that brief visit I was reminded what unconditional love truly means -- I might be biased but I promise I have the Best Mom In the World.

David kept the office and everything else in running order while I was away. He took care of my responsibilities as well as his, and I thank him for taking over so I could visit my mom. Folsom is not very happy with me for going away -- especially since he smells Mom's dogs, Rocky and Sushi, all over my clothes and luggage. David said he moped around while I was away; he really must have missed me. Today he seems to be pouting but is quick to forgive me for 'abandoning' him. Thankfully!

Tomorrow we have the pleasure of spending time with my family in the early afternoon, David's family in the later afternoon. All our siblings and parents (except my mom) will be present; I'm looking forward to giving thanks for each and every member of our families. We are a large but tight-knit group.

This is my favorite time of year because I have a smidge of time to reflect on the year's accomplishments. I'm able to close up projects and tie up loose ends, and next month we'll spend most of our time planning for 2007. Many great things have happened this year, and for all of them and all of you -- our readers and clients -- we are humbly grateful. 2007 will be terrific; we look forward to sharing our great news and happenings with you as they occur.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. All our best...Christy, David & Folsom

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