Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Move--Grr

I think we all can agree that moving ranks pretty high on the universal icky list. Fortunately, our transition has gone rather smoothly, except for a few glitches with communications providers. Phones were transferred yesterday and online service will follow soon. Our mailing address will remain the same, but some changes have been made. Here is the correct information:

David & Christy Ilfrey
NativeDave, Inc.
PO Box 261845
Plano TX 75026-1845
972.596.3889 Phone
972.599.7834 Fax
info@nativedave.com -- for general information
nativedave@nativedave.com -- contact David
christy@nativedave.com -- contact Christy
folsom@nativedave.com -- ruff ruff
nativebabe@nativedave.com -- to be updated to nativebabe's birth name in January 2006!

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