Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eastern Lake Nursery, Seagrove, FL

David and Folsom posing in front of the nursery on 30-A. This is the nursery where David and I worked for one year (Sept 2002-Sept 2003) before coming home to Plano to resume NativeDave.com biz.


Michael Patilla said...

My wife and I were trying to remember what Eastern Lake nursery used to be called. It would have had that name when you worked there in 02-03. michaelpatilla@yahoo.com

About NATIVEDAVE.COM! said...

Hi Michael! Thanks for your comment. Eastern Lake was formerly known as The Gourd Garden. Did you shop there when we were employed there?

Michael Patilla said...

I'm sure we did. We have been going down to that area every year since about '97 I think.