Friday, April 13, 2007

It's About the Message, Not the Messenger

"...this [debate about what it means to be green] is not about who's right, better, smarter, more authentic, or setting an example of the truth they espouse, although that is what I believe we all desire as a basic standard for anyone who has the courage to take a stand in the world, regardless of their message.

For me, it's about the message, not the messenger. If it fits, wear it. But it's not about killing off the messenger. The guy's got guts, he's reached a lot of people and made progress, and he's put his money into educating middle America. Enough said.

I come from a rather infamous macrobiotic sub-culture family background that has often been unsavory public fodder due to family scandals, family cancer deaths, stuff that would likely make your toenails curls, but is like oil on water for me. People around the world have haunted me with questions, judgements, complaints, biased assessments, and my response is usually similar. It's about the message, not the messenger. No one is making claims about being a saint, walking on water. Everyone has their own path to fulfill, and the ones that find it usually end up getting the flogging. We are human, learning, growing, transforming, evolving.

Nonetheless, macrobiotics has changed millions of peoples' lives for the better, pioneered the natural foods movement, and the message still exists separate from the messenger. I would hope and expect even more from the force, power and money that Gore has put out to the people.

We are all doing our part, to whatever degree we are capable, have the resources, courage, passion and conviction. It's about the message folks."

--Melissa Kushi,

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